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The missions of the United Nations

The session was lectured by the DVC, Prof. Omar Farouk. He talked about the missions of the United Nations. The most important mission of the UN is to keep peace. However, I think that they have failed to do it in many cases. And it is not the fault of the United Nation it is the uselessness of the people working for the United Nation. For example there are people working for United Nation for centuries, they just like the benefits of the United Nations and don’t want to leave. I think the United Nations should make a policy of employment limits so that everyone else in this world can at least work there or get a chance to go there bring a positive change.

In the other session of the class the respected guest that we had Imam Fisal. First of all it was a very long introduction was prepared for him. It was good to know he had spent all his life traveling even at the point which he was lost. But I didn’t like the concept of him saying he don’t know where is he from, although he was educated in very good school. As my understanding no matter where you travel two things are designating your place of belonging one the place you are born two where your father is from, that where you belong too.

However, it was an interesting speech by him, but he was just saying things and it was hard to track him where he was leading. Furthermore, he was changing his words. He was saying one thing in his speech, but when a student was asking a question regarding his speech, he was saying I didn’t mean it like that.

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