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Syrian civil war

Syria is in ongoing civil war since 2011, March. It was started by protesting against government. Civilians are not happy with their current government and president. Their president is Bashar al-Assad whose family is being on the top of a government since 1971. Their civil war included in Arab Spring too, but still ongoing. There is a war between loyal army force of government and a nation against them.

This lecture was held by Both Professor Evangelos and Professor Hamid. Their speeches on the Syrian civil war was really interesting. We are students having here peaceful life with good-quality education, where at the same time a new-born child is dying in Syria almost in an hour. I have some Syrian friends, who are praying every day for their family’s safety and their friends in their country.

Sometimes my roommate tells me that his friend was kept as a hostage and disappeared without any news. It is so scary to feel that our families are living within the war, flying bullets are everywhere. They describe that their walls were full of shot bullets. For myself I wouldn’t feel that much of fear, but for the new-born babies, parents who spent their whole life for their children, innocent women and children. I wouldn’t just take easy to see how they struggle there without edible food and glass of water.

I have an account in social website Facebook, and every day there is a news about ongoing civil war in Syria, dead bodies, and bloody faces after being bombed in Syrian streets. I see them every day and I confess that I am not even feeling anything compared to theirs. That was my reflection from that lecture.

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