Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan

Arab spring was started in 2010 December by Arab countries such as Libya, Syria, Egypt and some other Arab countries. As far as I know, their main goal is to set freedom, to set democracy in their countries. It was started by protesting in the streets. The trigger for the protest was social website Facebook, it helped a lot. Dr Hamid played us some videos regarding an Arab Spring.

All the videos about Arab Spring were telling us their success, their gain of freedom, especially Libya and Egypt. Those videos were taken in the conference of TED. TED is global set of conference set by the Foundation Sapling foundation. All the current Affairs are discussed in that conference regularly. There are many representatives from many countries all around the world.

The only thing I got from that lecture was the impression taken from the faces of speakers in TED conference, the way how they express their happiness from the freedom they got after long protests. They are hoping the same success for the rest countries of Middle-East and Arab countries.

Now there are remaining successes laying in the lands of Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan. Recently, TV news are broadcasting the situation in Gaza, Palestine. The same thing is going on in Gaza too, many people are dying every day without a reason. Rumours are saying it is because of Israel’s influence.


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