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Should surrogacy be legal ?

Due to the advanced technology in modern world, the using of surrogate mothers are possible now. When facing the situation of rising number of surrogacy, we come to ask, ‘should it be illegal to use surrogate mothers?’ Someone say that it should be free to make arrangements including using surrogate mothers so long as those arrangements do not bring harm to others but I don’t agree. Surrogacy does bring harm to the right of the child, who is ‘others’ as considered in the statement. After the surrogacy, the baby is raised by the commissioning couple but what if the baby is not willing? It has no rights to choose its parents because the right of raising it is assigned under contract. If the right of baby is not considered, should it be illegal?

Besides, what if accidents happen? There are researches saying that babies born by surrogacy could have disabilities. But as for all, couples who use surrogate mothers want to have babies with good health. They could not change their mind because of that but they may become unhappy with the baby and this breaks the family’s relationship. Or if the commissioning couple died when surrogate mother was pregnant, could the surrogate mother raised the child? Using surrogate mothers should be banned because the birth of a child shouldn’t involve three or more people who create a lot of problems. On the other hand, standing on the viewpoint of morality, using surrogate mothers ‘cross the line’. Reproduction of human should be between one man and one woman naturally. When human reproduce themselves artificially, they are actually acting the role of God. It is like human cloning but less serious than that. Religiously, it is known that many Christians opposed using surrogate mothers for morality.

In conclusion, it should be illegal to use surrogate mothers. In another point of view, when we face the fact that many orphans are waiting for adoption for love and care, should we consider adoption but not surrogate mothers?

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