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Same-sex marriage, animal rights, internet privacy, death penalty and insider trading.

Now we already in week 10 and we only have two more weeks to go. Honestly, in my opinion ethic is one of the subjects that can help student in order to be a successful person. Most of the knowledge that we gain in ethic class it’s all related to our life. From my understanding ethic taught us the good and the bad thing, the things that we can and cannot do and ethic also taught us to be a better person.

This week, we continued our lesson still to discuss about the contemporary ethical issues that happen around the world and this week we have covered another five interesting issues included: same-sex marriage, animal rights, internet privacy, death penalty and insider trading.

A first issue that we are discussed is about the same-sex marriages. From my understanding same-sex marriage is also known as gay marriage or equal-marriage the marriage between two people that have the same gender. What was shocking me in the class was i have been informed that this issue arises in many different countries. The issues are arise when these kind of people are claiming their rights to be respected and accepted like other people. There two arguments behind this issues which are between people who are agreed and against this problem. Our lecture also mentions there are 11 countries have legalized such marriage.

I am really confused and wondering how come people want to marry other people that have the same gender like them. But i think maybe they have their own reason why they want this kind of marriage, but for me it’s hard to respect this kind of people. However, i think they have their right to live like others people do.  To conclude my idea here is i think people should think wisely before they want to do something, we cannot do what we like to do but i think we have to think what will happen to people around us if we want to do something and try to define which one will give more advantages than disadvantages. And from religion view, I think it’s really unethical to do or to support this kind of marriage it just like we just against the god plan. God have created us in pair for example male they have they mates that is female not only human animals also have their own pair. So I think it’s better not to support this kind of marriage because it will only give bad effects not only to our self but also affect people surround us.

Week 10: Reflective Diary

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