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Same Sex Marriage and a few other issues

This week was the continuation of the previous week. Last week we get knowledge about abortion, mercy killing and so on but this week we study about same sex marriage, internet privacy, and death penalty and animals rights. This week also was fun as last week because of the topic was familiar to all of the students.

Same sex marriage was one of the hot topics in the class which we discuss more about it. Most of the students disagree to allowed same sex marriage. I too also was in the same direction which is disagreeing. This is because, it is kind of disease which is spread mostly in western and nowadays in so many Asian countries has also. I think the causes of this problem are that they are sick and as statistics shows, most of the gays and lesbians make suicide their self. This is because they will understand the disadvantages of this same sex marriage. Moreover, it is totally unethical because God created two genders which is male and female and after that people create the third gender. Some people says, some of them born like that which they have both organs which means male and female but even if it is like that, they would realize whether they are male or female by their emotion to opposite gender.

Internet privacy was another topic which we learned and discus about. As we know the Internet can closer people from different countries which means people can get to know each other by easy way which is through internet applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, E-mail, and so on. Many hacker using this kind of thing they will steal information of others. Take an example when I was reading the news there was such incident that a guy from Asian country went to Europe and he saw his picture in one of the advertisement which they took it without his permission and he bring this company in to a court.   Therefore, all of us should be careful for putting more information of us in the social websites.

Death penalty and animal rights was another topic for us to learn. There was discussion about death penalty that whether it should be allowed or not. In my opinion it should be allowed only for certain cases which is when someone kills somebody else. In other case it should not be allowed. Moreover there was discussion about animal rights which is some people claim that we should give rights for animals and we should not use it for science or eating.  In my opinion, not using it for science or not eating is unethical by itself. Because for medicine we cannot use people as a test and it will be so risky to do so therefore I think we should use it and keep using it for benefit of our self.

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