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Reflective Diary Week 3- by Nasridin

Today is 29 of January 2013 we had ethics class which goes interesting. Our lecturer Prof. Evangelos talk about the history of Greek ethics. The most interesting part of this lecture was about Hippocrates, Socrates, and Aristotle. I like the tactic of how Socrates convincing other people by not arguing with him except saying yes. I want to learn this way of arguing and use it in my own life which is the greatest way of convincing other people.

In addition to this we learn about the history of trade in Greece which was taken part of the world. I really understand what the ethical issue in Greece was. Also there was one question that is the world developing from ancient while we are facing the same ethical problems as before? I think from ethical perspective the world did not developing but it is getting worst. For example just look around and you will realize that it is true because nowadays there are corruptions as before and there is disloyalty and so many things as before. What i mean the worst thing is during ancient time there were war between powerful countries. Powerful countries and weak countries fight with the same weapon but nowadays the powerful countries has most powerful weapon which is unfair and they are killing people who is doing nothing about war. They are killing infants and elder people i think this is the worst thing which did not happened in history ever. From technology the world getting developed but they are using technology to unethical things. Moreover, lecturers inform us about our course outline which there will be oral exam and so many things. I want just to comment that it would be better if the lecturer give us the topics for panel discussion so that we can refer to that rather than to find the topics which might be the same as our friends and it will be interesting if each group has different topics about ethic.

In our tutorial we learned about what is ethics and so about art, science and serious issues. There are was another question which was killing is more unethical or lying is more unethical. I think lying is more unethical than killing because, killing might happen because of lie. If we look from history most of the wars between countries, tribes, and empires happen because of lies. Take an example, the war which happen between US and Iraq it was because of lie. Due to this, they thought Iraq is creating bomb but when US win the war they could not find anything. If we think about it see what is happened because of one lie how many people killed and how many people became homeless in the war. Therefore, I think that lie is more unethical than killing. If you kill someone, you can kill only one or 2 maximum five. Nevertheless, if you lie, you might kill 1000 of people.

I think this week was great week because from ethical perspective i learned something which I can apply it in my own life in order to be successful person and having ethical manner.

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