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Reflective Diary on Seminar on current Affairs [The first impression and what next] by Asaad Maher

Seminar on Current Affairs!! This was my first impression when I saw this subject listed on the list of elective subjects. Not out of hating it, but because of I didn’t expect such a subject to be in the list of elective subjects. What I was expecting is just like the subjects we took last trimester such as professional English and so on. Further, there were two elective subjects that each student can only take one, either Science of Philosophy or this. And since I registered late, I didn’t have any choice rather than taking it. Frankly speaking, I used to have a lot of bad assumptions of this subject till I attended the first lecture of it. I can remember that hall which was full of students and Prof. Omar gave the lecture, at that moment, I removed all the assumptions I had before and remembered the famous proverb which says “Don’t judge the book from its cover, you might lose an interesting journey” and since then I started attending the lectures and tutorials. Actually, seminar on current affairs or present events, in another expression discusses about what is going on right now from political, environmental and economical aspects. When I listened to this definition, I felt bored and thought that I will be attending a news lecture, the same as CNN or BBC viewer, and I didn’t know that this feeling will be the key to enjoyment. In the tutorial class, things became more interesting, specially, when I learnt about the window and how I can analyse the events based on it. Moreover, the window gives you a comprehensiveness look at an issue and an excellent analyse to it. Furthermore, globalisation plays a significant role in seminar on current affairs and it comes with its bad and good affects. It can decide the growth of the countries and this can be observed clearly in economical frame, take an example of the currency of Saudi and US Dollar, or Malaysian Ringgit and Singaporean Dollar it would be sufficient to realize the vital role that globalization plays. Also, it decides peace or war as it’s clear in environmental frame, take an example of the war between Malaysia and Indonesia for Sarawak, both sides are claiming that it belongs to them. Added to that, in the modernisation era, the social frame of globalisation becomes an important thing. People are spreading their cultures easily that you see people who live in the west wearing the custom of eastern and that because of the impact of globalisation. Once I looked at people around me and I saw that they are a proof of globalization. I saw someone who is having a German car, wearing French sunglasses and wearing a Chinese shoe, I was wondering how powerful is globalisation! Finally, the first three weeks of going through this subject was capable to widen my experience and observation. I became no longer analyzing the issues like before. I believe that what is meant by this subject is beyond its contents.

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