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Reflective Diary: Is lying less harmful than killing? – by Miss Humaidah Hayih

For the first lecture class, we were discussing about the definition of ethics. Then, we were given about 5 articles regarding ethics and we had to give our opinion based on those articles. For instance, one of the topics that we were discussing was about the wastage of food. In my opinion, we as a human should be more appreciative. We should not take things for granted as we were given everything. We should think about others who have nothing or less than us.

In tutorial class, I have learnt more about ethics which actually means an art and science of judging moral behavior (right and wrong) which has serious consequences on human behavior and environment. Before I attended this class, what I know about ethic was the issue that is related to value. Moreover, in this class, we have done one activity which we were divided into 2 groups: speaker and listener.

The topic that was given is lying is less harmful than killing. Some of us agreed and some of us did not. I wanted to argue but I had no chance to do so because I was just a listener.

For me, somehow I do not agree with that statement. Generally, lying might be less harmful than killing but it may leads to killing as well. Both are equally harmful and have negative impact. Hence, it depends on the situation whether it is less harmful or not. Lying seems like a small matter but actually it is harmful same as killing. It is difficult to build other’s trust but it is very easy to be destroyed. Once we speak lie, the others will not trust us anymore even if it is just a small lie. In fact, big or small, lies are lies.

It is like killing us slowly when nobody trusts us and we will be called as a liar. Besides, it hurts those who are victim. Perhaps, for me it is better to tell the truth even though it will hurt me. Trust is like a paper, once it is crumpled, it cannot be like normal anymore. It kills relationship with our friends and so on. When A speaks lie, of course it will hurt those who are the victim and even him/herself. What I mean is that when we speaks lie to someone, it means that we are lying to ourself as well but when B killed someone, their family will be in suffering and sad.

It is the most difficult situation when we lose someone that we love. And according to the Islam religion, both will be punished based on the law of hudud. For instance, if people speak lie, their tongue will be cut and if they kill someone, they will get the same punishment which is death. However, nowadays, even in my country, they do not follow the rules or law of hudud in Islam. Killing is like more harmful than lying because when people lie, they will not be punished by the law but when they kill someone, they will get the same punishment as what they did.

For me, that is why they said lying is less harmful than killing but actually it is equally harmful. In addition, actually the basic rule with regard to lying is that it is not permitted, but there are certain circumstances that we are allowed to speak lie. One of these situations is when a person mediates between two disputing parties in order to reconcile between them, if reconciliation cannot be achieved in any other way. That is all from my opinion. Thank you. -Humaidah-

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