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Reflective Diary for Week 3 – By Shagufa Shahista Mahboob

What is ethics? What is ethics all about in our life? Why do we learn ethics? Is applying ethics going to have any impact in our lives? These are some of the questions that arises in my mind. Actually ethics is a study of moral principles that governors a person’s or a group’s behavior it also has an effect on how people make decisions in their lives.It is a philosophical study of morality which includes making moral judgement.Having tools for reasons having the natural capacity of human being comes up for moral judgement ; comprehensiveness, coherence, consistents and adequate.Example utilitarianism and having consequentialism example if there is an action then there would be consequences and that consequences will either lead to happiness or suffering and that happiness will being either to yourself or to the others who are surrounding us . And if it beings suffering then that suffering is for all including the living things among us for instants tress, animals and etc . Moreover, ethics is also considered as science and arts. In the class for example e had a dicussion about is “is lying harmless then killing”. Well from my own perspective it depends on the situation for instants if it comes to relationships that it is better o lie rather than get killed by someone. “If one lie of someone can save a relationship then that lie is not a lie” . And for most if one is lying to help someone he can ask forgiveness later on when the situation is under control and if you go and kill someone then there is no question of asking for forgiveness cause that person is no longer living that you can ask forgiveness and from that moment if you realize that you have made a mistake and it’s too late to ask sorry. And from there and then one will suffer his life for the entire life. So this was my reflective diary on my option and my knowledge on ethics that i have learnt in my introduction o ethics class.

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