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Reflective Diary for Week 3 – by May Thandar Maung

Reflective Diary for week 3

In this week, in the lecturer class, we conversed about some ethical issues which we did not aware before and happening in the world. Prof Evangelos Afendras gave the good example which is closely related with AiU students. He pointed out that there are some poor students who came and study in AiU and they don’t have any thoughts to help humanity and they want to become rich person after they had been graduated. On the contract, there are some students who are middle class and they really have desire to assist community after their graduation. According to this example, I realized that we cannot evaluate people easily. We cannot assess people according to their living standard either. The moral inside the human is the most important and it is difficult to spot. The ethical issues can be seen in everywhere especially in business field either. As I am a student from Business Administration, I had learnt ethical dilemma in business in my lessons. The business man or woman, the manager and the workers may face the ethical issues often. For the managers, since they are decision makers, they have to make the decision carefully and correctly in order to avoid the ethical issues.

Before we finished our class, the lecturer was ended by asking question and it was about the humanity is progressing or not. Firstly, I think the answer is yes and humanity is progressing by discovering the situation of the world. If we look at the world, we can see that the world is developing day by day. Everything is changing and growing especially in education systems, the health care and technology. Although there are some conflicts and war among countries and within countries, it is not global wars which happen before.

In previous times, if we look back to history, we can see that there were wars started just because of resources, land and so on and there is no people or organization can control and to have world peace. However, nowadays, we have some organizations like United Nations which controls and solves the problems happen in the world and trying to deliver peace through the world.

When I think from other side, the social problems are growing day by day compare with previous times. For example, rape cases, alcoholism, drug addiction are happening and can see in everywhere. Besides, we can see that how young children are changing their behavior.  Now, they are lack of respect on elder people. The older people and parents have no power on their children. It happens most in western countries rather than Asian countries and the western countries are more developed than Asian countries. The behaviors of people are changing and the moral inside the people is transforming.

Therefore, if I think carefully again, the more the world developed, the more the moral inside destroyed. And the humanity means the moral inside the human as I mentioned earlier. So, I want to say that the humanity is not progressing and it is deteriorating.

Today, in the tutorial class, we discussed about Killing is less harmful than lying or not. In my opinion, killing is worse than lying because if we lie on someone we still have chance to correct our mistake. We can apologize to that people and even we can apologize to God. Since we get our life once and if we kill someone it will be the end there is no chance to correct our mistake. Sometimes, it will be comfort for people by lying. Lying is acceptable as long as it doesn’t lie for killing someone. Therefore, in my opinion, lying is better than killing.

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