Reflective Diary by Nyein Chann Aung

Today is 29th of January 2013 and we had a lecture of our admiral lecturer Prof. Evengelos. He was explaining about the justice of Greek sophist Thrasymachus. Our lecturer concentrated on the topic of business tax. This is according to Greek sophist Thrasymachus’s statement of just and unjust. This is about the people with same income are paying different amount of tax and why it is happening like that. The philosophy of today is still the same as 25 centuries ago. This is because of people who are working in income tax sections are doing bias and taking bribe for their personal advantage. On the other hand, these people are doing unethical issues.

Nowadays, our planet, world is developing more and more in all perspectives. These include Technology, Medicine, Business and Communications and so on so far. In other word, the globalization has changed the world as a village. We become more and more familiar with cultures which are different from our own cultural identities.

Moreover, majority of us are dealing with ethical issues in our daily life. This age is called information age and we should take care of our dignity by avoiding unethical issues. The unethical issues include misperception or abuse of following 4 ethics

  1. Privacy

  2. Accuracy

  3. Property

  4. Accessibility

In acronym, it is called “PAPA”


What information about one’s self or one’s associations must a person reveal to others, under what conditions and with what safeguards? What things can people keep to themselves and not be forced to reveal to others?


Who is responsible for the authenticity, fidelity and accuracy of information? Similarly, who is to be held accountable for errors in information and how is the injured party to be made whole?


Who owns information? What are the just and fair prices for its exchange? Who owns the channels, especially the airways, through which information is transmitted? How should access to this scarce resource be allocated?


What information does a person or an organization have a right or a privilege to obtain, under what conditions and with what safeguards?

Finally, the world is changing & developing in many sectors and the humanity is also progressing. But, the people should know the concept of humanity and they shouldn’t abuse the advantages of humanity by following the above 4 ethics.

Nyein Chann Aung



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