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Reflection of Current Affairs Tutorial Session by Manadir Mohammed

For analyzing a current affairs, we have the windows or frames to use for understanding the perspectives. Such as, Economic frame, Globalization, Environmental, Cultural etc. In the tutorial session I got to know more about the role of Brain drain, Special Economic Zones, outsourcing, consumerism, transportation, telecommunication, common currency, capital investment, open completion, joint venture, and industrialization in the frame of Economy. We presented about the particular key word ‘Transportation’ and ‘Common Currency’ in the field of Economic Frame of a current issue.

Later on in the Globalization frame, we see that open orders, ending of local, interdependence of economic, interchange of worldview is occurring rapidly. All these factors changes the scenario of a current issue. In addition, in case of Environmental frame, climate change, cross boundary migrations play a great role in the background of current affairs. Moreover, Cultural frame focuses on the spread of traditions, norms across the country, media influences, manipulation of cross-cultural relationships, and so on. There had been an interesting presentation on these factors as well by our classmates.


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