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Reflection Dairy Week three for current Affairs by Biplob Hossain

Events or incidents that happen in the world in any time are current affairs for that particular time. All news are not current affairs but all current affairs are news. Political events and problems in society which are discussed in newspapers or war, conflict, economic crisis’ and developments those are taking place all over the world at present time are included in current affairs. Every incident has a particular back ground it may be social, economic, cultural and so on. But it has an influence over other issues which may affect the overall environment violently or slightly. In addition, science and technology are playing a vital role at this time. With the improvement of science and technology it has been necessary to discuss its influence over an issue. Any incident occurs in any place of the world we can easily get that news through the media. Every incident has an economical concept. The social issues are also interrelated with this process. Political or cultural issues are also responsible for occurring any event. For example, many people who have come to accept the implications of what is happening to our world due to the behaviors of our species go through what amounts to mourning the loss of what they have long valued. It may be the idea of unspoiled nature, or at least stable habitats for other species. It may be the idea of human progress in technology and wealth. It may be for our issue who we realize we have been party to relegating to a harsh, perhaps even impossible future. In some measures it can be all of these. Whatever we as individuals cherished as the good in life, we are realizing is passing at best, and a good deal of it, like endless economic growth was merely virtual in reality. It will be lost to us, so naturally we must be distressed. Ordinarily I would wish everyone a happy new year. And I do hope everyone has as smooth a year in 2013 as possible. But happy is not a word that pops into my mind when I think about the turmoil the world is actually experiencing now and that I suspect will be much worse in the near future. I guess I think of my mission as wishing everyone a scary new year so as to prompt some action somewhere! Fear is a valid emotion to feel when there is something dangerous to be afraid of.

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