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Reflection Dairy Entry : Introduction to Ethics – by Azrina Johara Bibi

What is Ethics? Before going to class I was very curious to know what i’m going to learn in this class, having all sorts of ideas in my mind. What the class would be like. Ethics is a moral behavior, it is about right or wrong and good and bad. When people take actions they don’t realize the circumstances whether it will be positive or negative. To begin with in the first lecture, the lecture went very smoothly when their came some activities to try about ethics. What I learnt from lecture was that if there is an issue and people have their own way to solve that issue. In addition, people not only solve but, they have different ethical perspective to look into issue and to solve. For example, my group was given the issue on Delhi gang, raped a girl. When this issue was discussed in my group everybody had different ideas and perspective towards it. Secondly, an example was given by our tutor on” is killing more ethical than lying’’, since this topic is broad-spectrum, I will explain this in a simple example, I disagree on this statement, lying can make a person suffer for longer period of time, it can make a person realize its mistake and improvement can be done, forgiveness can be pursued. But nothing can be done by killing, it can make the situation more badly. For example, America can still change their mind about wars in Arab countries. They have killed thousands of people and it’s very difficult for them to seek forgiveness now. Moreover, relating to my personal experience, there was a situation I lied to my friend for not going to dining hall with her. But instead I went to city plaza with a friend because I promised her, without knowing what the circumstances will be I made promise with her is because I didn’t wanted to hurt her feelings, but it went worse I hurt her feelings. This is similar to the topic we discussed in the class” is killing more ethical than lying.” My class mates gives lots of opinion, some has agreed and some disagreed. Some elaborated with some real issues going in the world and some elaborated in stories. To conclude, ethics plays a vital role in every individual’s life. So what decisions we have to make we should realize what will be the circumstances in future

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