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Political Ethics by Mursal M. Jama

This class was different from previous classes mostly it was student oriented. First of all, my noble lecturer Mr. John hosted an atmosphere of discussion, where students actively participated. Since then, He divided us a group of maximum three students and each group was discussing one topic different from others. After this, there was short presentation and question session.

That day in the class, many ethics-related topics were discussed like politics, business, sports, health, organizations, media, internet and education. In particular, I and my friend Mr. Carl conversed how ethics is related with politics. I enjoyed the conversation that I shared with my friend and it motivated me to explore more about political ethics.

I personally think that politics and ethics are two elements which work hand in hand. Generally, politics involve a wide variety of ethical dilemmas and the nature of these ethical dilemmas is due to the result of politician’s behavior. For example, Politicians do numerous unethical acts, they address hallow promises while campaigning in order to achieve their ultimate goal which is the seat of power. Not only that, corruption is also another massive disaster which effect many countries in the world.

It is said that money brings power and that is the tenet for politicians, they use public money to reach their personal interests rather than for people. During election campaigns it is common to see politicians who are buying votes with the public money.  Reasonably, candidates are free to seek and publicize to sell their agendas to the people but it is foolish behavior to misuse public assets for personal paybacks

On the other hand, politics plays an important role in each country and the world as whole. Since, the key objectives of politics are to have a frame that is responsible for decision making where people in the community are represented. Besides this, politicians serve for the people; they build high way roads, schools, hospitals and more other community requirements.

In my point of view, these unethical issues can be fixed only by people themselves. People should know that they have the right to elect their apt leaders choosing by their level of educations, leadership abilities, responsibilities and trust. Lastly, it is true that citizens only support hardworking elected representatives but passionately disrespect power hungry politicians. I have to come to conclusion, that a “politician is a politician whether he is wearing a suit or a funny hat.”

Thursday 14th February 2013

My weekly reflective diary:

Lecturer: Mr. John Britto

Venue: AIU Main Campus, CFS, Room 2-04

Topic: Political Ethics.

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