People have made the change

Today’s teaching method was completely different Mr. Hamid brought us videos of people who had experience the Arab Spring the first video which the speaker was named Wael Ghonim he sounded a little bit big-headed to me when he mentioned that in revolution 2.0 no one was hero because everyone was hero.

As my understanding there was not matter of becoming hero or victim. I was something the people wanted to become free not to become hero. Then he said that everyone was scared except some brave Egyptians now here is the question is Mr. Wael Ghonim telling us that the people who were involved in revolution were heroes or scoundrels? However, it was nice to hear from him that the internet and other networking sources helped the Egyptian revelators’ successes.

However, the second speaker of the Arab Spring was named Wadah Khanfar, he was a journalist and I really liked the way he talked and the issues he pointed out such as his start of talking was very good. He started with a story of himself when he was in Afghanistan ten years back and he was covering reports war casualties for Aljazeraa News network and then moved to Iraq on same job covering the war news.

He said that people did not want any foreign change, they were all afraid of the Iraqi example. But people have made the change from within, the colonization and bringing the benefits of freedom. His speech was very inspiring and I liked him so much hope to have more of his videos in the future.


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