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Panel discussion report 53: No human trafficking; A world free of slavery

Overall view

Our panel discussion was held on Monday, 24th June 2013 and consists of four panelists and a moderator. The moderator for this panel discussion was Samaha Hussain. The First panelist was me (Aminath Afra), second was Saruwan Mohammad, third was Irufa Ahmed Ibrahim, and Aminath Rashida was the fourth. Moreover, all of us are from Maldives. Therefore, it was very easy for us because our ideas were almost the same.

The topic that we choose for our panel was “No human trafficking; A world free of slavery.” We choose this topic because, human trafficking is getting worst day by day, therefor we really need to bring human trafficking to the world’s attention because human trafficking is the 2nd largest crime in the world. Nevertheless, it is also a profitable underground business in the world. In fact the yearly profit earned from human trafficking is $32 billon, out of which 15.5 billon is earned from industrial countries. Therefore, we choose this topic because we wanted to do our panel discussion for a humanitarian topic and this topic did tell us about the Statistics of some countries, The problems of human trafficking which was covered by me, Causes of human trafficking: victims ( why they are affected) and traffickers ( why they do that) and Methods of captivating (different ways of trafficking) covered by Saruwan, What are the steps government has taken so far, The facts governments are not able to take sufficient steps to control human trafficking, Why government is not effective in reducing human trafficking was covered by Irufa and NGO’s working against human trafficking, NGO’s role in the reduction of human trafficking, How NGOs help – Challenges of NGOs these points were covered by Rashida.

The process

We formed a group of five and all of our ideas were common. We wanted to do our panel dissection for a humanitarian topic. We came up with a few idea for the topic. They were; child abuse, women’s right and human traffic. Choosing the topic was not that difficult for us, since we came up with the same thinking’s. In addition, we had 3 meeting to discuss the points that would be covered and to prepare the questions and in the second and third meeting was organized for our rehearsal moreover, we planned to make a power point for our panel therefore, and it would be interesting for our listeners. Moreover the rehearsals were really important because we had the chance to improve and share the discuss points so we all will know what each us were going to talk about. During the meeting we discussed to have an attention grabbing PowerPoint.

In addition, our group had a very good team work and all the members were committed to their work therefore, the panel discussion process was successful.

The Implementation

Honestly, I like to be in this group because all the group members contributed their ideas and most of our ideas were the same therefore, our panel went smoothly. However I was nerves to speak in front of everyone and to give out all the statistics.

Moreover, our team’s strength point was that we all had the same ideas and our team had a very organized and dedicated group mates. As a result, making decisions was easier since we all had the similar on the topic we choose. 

Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion

From the panel discussion, I learned how common is the issue of human trafficking today and why it has not been reducing. And it is really sad to say the issue is getting worst and the amount of slaves are increasing day by day. Therefore, we really need to bring this issue into an attention.

Throughout the panel discussion all panelist did their best to find the accurate information and we all ensured that our panel would grab the attention of our listeners. Additionally, I took the part of statistic and the areas where the issue are really common. At the first I was fine with the part I choose however, while we practiced I was a bit nerves since, I would be confused.  It was a challenge to myself since I have never done any research on this topic and the statistic of how common the issues is. Besides, we didn’t have enough time to prepare for the panel. And there were a lot that we wanted to however, due to the shortage of time we weren’t able to cover them all. However, as I believe we have done a good job.


In conclusion, we need to put into account that we need to reduce human trafficking and make this a world free of slavery. Moreover we need to show how important every human being is. All children, women and men have their own right and no one have rights to rule them and

Make use of them. Panel discussions came up with solutions, how NGOs are doing their roles and these NGO’s needs the full support from the government. Therefore, we can have a peaceful world that would be free of slavery.


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