Overall reflections of Current Affairs

Whenever I try to remember my current affairs classes whatever comes to my mind is the way of team teaching by a couple of lecturers that I like very much. Since the first week until the last week I relished the classes as well as I have got many important ideas about current issues such as conflict, Arab Spring, democracy and so on. Students chose to study Seminar on Current Affairs for different reasons. Unlike others my reason of taking Seminar on Current Affairs was to get help on debate about current news are really helpful to form the arguments. But, unfortunately I did not get too much help on debate from this subject. It is different from the academic subjects like English and Mathematics. As my understanding, the main purpose of this subject is to understand and analyze the current issues around the globe and find out what are the main causes behind the issues. Although it did not fulfill my expectation on debate but, the knowledge that I got from this subject is very helpful in analyzing the issues.

From the first few weeks the main knowledge that I have absorbed is about the different types of conflict and its probable resolution system. The knowledge of different government system added the awareness of critics in Democracy. UNs roles on different conflicts showed the practicality of resolve. Furthermore, the most interesting lesson that I had in this trimester from CA class was about Universal Declaration of Human Right. This lesson helped me to know my right and other people’s right that helped me to form arguments to support or reject other arguments.

Throughout the whole course of current affairs, one of the memorable times that I had was panel discussion. We have chosen one of the most challenging and complicated topic which was “North Korean Nuclear Weapon and UN Sanction.” We had to read a lot of articles and get the sufficient information. Besides, we have to analysis the issue from different perspective such as politics, economics, and military power.  During panel discussion, we feel like we are playing real model of the roles. It was very interesting panel after all.

At last I would like to offer my gratitude to all the lecturer of CA and especial respect to John britto the tutorial lecturer, for teaching us in a very friendly manner that helped me to express my ideas more.


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