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Now, the world looks much smaller and easy to be traveled

Whenever we hear about the term called “Globalization”, tones of things come to our minds. Increase of trade all around the world, large companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, people moving to other countries, diverse cultures, internet, and so many other terms are part of the globalization. Honestly speaking, before I have always thought that globalization only refers to political and economic aspect. In fact, it also involves culture which is essentially a very significant component of globalization.

From this topic we learnt how globalization is ‘good’ in some countries, and at the same time how does it ‘harm’ some other countries. There are many pros and cons which in a way classify the advantages and disadvantages of globalization.

Globalization has already become spread all around the world, and it’s inevitable. As an instance, internet is one of the hugest spread of today’s world. We cannot live without it, because we are all interconnected in it by sharing information and communicating.

Nowadays, all activities in the world take place between people who come from different countries. It is not like before, but it is totally different! I still remember when some people study abroad, but they immediately come back in their country after finishing their studies. Now, the world looks much smaller and easy to be traveled, just because of the huge impact of globalization!

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