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New Insights gained on Current Affair Lecture by Myat Noe Win

First and foremost, let me share why I chose to learn this course and how I understand on it. To be honest, when I enrolled this course, I asked a couple of questions to myself. That is “What is my self-understanding on current affair?” and “Am I really interested in this topic?”. The answer is “yes, I am interested in it”. Moreover, In my opinion, current affair is something that is happening around us. It may includes affairs, conflicts and general issues from different angles of points. It’s mean current affair can be found anywhere around us. Furthermore, as I learned from my tutorial class, The basic of human nature is interconnected with ecology and environment. In this case, ecology means human deals with his social environment. Therefore, human life depends on the environment where we lived. So, I believe it is better to understand about our social issues which concern with our environment. As a human being, I would like to catch up the world’s latest issues and enhance my cognitive thinking based on those external knowledge. However, we have to be aware that not all the news are current affairs, some may be but some may not be. Anyway, in this world nothing is happening just like that without a reason. There is some knot in somewhere which create to happen all these affairs.Hence, whenever we find an issue or an affair, we must use some technique in order to identify the problems and figure out a logical solution. Here, the best recommended technique is analyzing the affairs using window style. There are four main parts in window style, namely; Socio-Economic-Political-Globalization, Cultural, Science and Technology, and Environment. When I see those window styles, I understand that those are the accurate ways of analyzing different levels of current affairs from points to points in different angle of views. By questioning those windows, we will have a certain answers for each issue and hopefully, it will satisfy our curiosity on those affairs. It is sure that we can think about an issue logically and critically with the help of those window questioning. After all, it will be up to par with the characteristic of those current affairs.

A short reflection on what I learned in 2nd week lecture

After this week lecture, I learned the basic knowledge about how to map the whole issue of different current affairs happening in the world. I am glad to learn about windows questioning style which consists of four major sectors. However, it is a crucial importance to understand the exact definitions of those factors. If not, we won’t be able to identify and analyze those affairs in logical ways. Anyway, I had new insights gained about the meaning of globalization, environment, cultural and technology and also the interconnection between those factors and current affairs. From those points of thinking, our students of AIU, including me, will be able to comprehend more about world’s issues and broaden our horizons. Therefore, I have no doubt that I would be able to enhance my self-sensitivity by learning this current affair course.

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