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In out ethics class we were given a chance to watch some videos related to this course.  The first video was about differeciating between right and wrong. It was about what to do and what not to do. Making decision to do a certain thing is important. If the decision is right the action is going to make benefit if the decision goes wrong the action will make negative effects towards us or towards others.

The second video was about decision making. In certain time we face difficulty in coming to a decision or prioritising. Though we are given a plenty of time to select one among some or to omit one from a large number of things, we are unable to make decision immediately. Sometimes this can be a harmful behaviour as it was stated in that video.

The third video was really interesting. It was about communicating effectively to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Sometimes we conclude judging people without having much details. Judging a book by its cover is not a correct manner. So, we need to go deep into the matter and understand it thoroughly in order to avoid problems. For that we will have to learn effective communication methods. Communication can make conflict if it is conducted in an improper manner, and it will make peace if the communicators can be open-minded in expressing their intended messages by using a proper language.

Forth video was given by Talai Lama, mainly he was talking about the problems and responsibly. He mentioned that all of us have responsibilities because, problems are caused by us. In order to avoid problems we need to have a healthy proper mental attitude. So, we need to really focus on our inner value. Attention to the inner value can make a great change in our mind-sets. Controlling metal feelings is also important because, there are some people who are rich, but unhappy. The reason is they are unable to control their mental feelings. He also mentioned about the revolutions. In his view violence is created in the name of revolution. While he was talking about the youths he mentioned that the youth have no much affection from their families so they feel that, they are neglected so, they get misguided. Matter, mind, family, pain and happiness are the important elements of life. We have t go through all of them in this life.

The video before the last was about the self-interests in the name of liberation. Final video was about the importance of water or can be resources which are limited.

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