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My feeling about the current environmental problems – by Sheri Fatu

It is really interesting to learn about Seminar on Current Affairs. It is a new course to me but as the saying goes “always try new things and know how to learn from them”. Since experience is the best teacher, I hope to benefit a lot from it. The limited time I had with my lecturer in the past three weeks, it’s just like a flowing stream without non stopping. I hope that the knowledge I will gain from it, will be a long-lasting knowledge and I guess it will change my life for the better. In the second week, I have learned about the environmental problems which is a hot cake and everyone has a share of it. Which means everyone plays a role towards it. The air has been polluted because of carbon monoxide due to the increment of industries in the world today and that has affected the ozone layer too. Because of the polluted air, cancer is rampant in our surroundings. Do we really care for the living or do we really care about our own self-interest? However, no one can talk about environmental problems and exclude deforestation which is the cutting down of tress in the forest which contributes to a large number of rainfalls. With rainfall the people can grow food and reduce the rate of hunger which is also an issue. Are people who are cutting down the tress, care about the animal kingdom whose life, shelter and home depends on those tress , do they also care about the people whose feeding depends on that too. Where is the word of humanitarian been implemented or it is just a word which made to be said? Furthermore, it is really touching if you sit and evaluate how the world is going. There is no more sympathy within the human race. Can this be solved with only words or action needs to be taken? I am happy with the good starting of the course. I hope not only me but many students will learn from this course. I will like to comment on one thing and that is the way the lecturers introduced the course and the word they mentioned was “this was the moment we have been waiting for”. It makes feel like they are ready to deliver all that they have been keeping for a long time. It’s just like that they were in a hurry and finally the course has been served. I also love the collaboration and the unity among the lecturers because one head does not know everything but its good at times to come together and showcase togetherness and term work for a better future. Since the lecturers are our role models we need to imitate the behaviors and let them keep the good momentum. In a nut shell I am appealing for this course to be among the best and the most beneficial course of the trimester. I love the interaction in class between the lecturers and us the students. Education is not all about passing the examinations but is about understanding what has been taught in class and put it into action that what we called real education.

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