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My country was under the Russia more than 70 years

The first lecture class of “Seminar on Current Affairs” was in AiU’s Convocation Hall. There was a special guests invited in our university, and that guest was a very successful woman from Penang, who was actually working in United Nations. I could not believe that I was going to see such a woman who had had a very colorful carrier throughout her life.

During her talk, I was trying to think about the fact that how a person can achieve and make his dreams become true. She told us about her life’s story whereby she had to sacrifice a lot in order to accomplish her goals. However, the outcome of her hard work was very worthy. After she ended her speech, it was the question and answer session, and everyone was anxiously waiting to ask her a lot of questions. Many students had the opportunity to ask her questions.

She tried to answer to all this questions. After a while, it was the time for the event to end, and everyone was going after that woman trying to take pictures with her. Indeed, we gained new insights and it was a very beautiful day. The next week, Prof. Omar was talking about some different topics related to different countries.

He mentioned the current situation of Malaysia, Mali, Shanghai, Pakistan, Syria, and so on. Among them, he also mentioned Russia, and it was really interesting to me. Because my country was under the Russia more than 70 years. I got very satisfied with the lecture, because that was actually exactly what I was expecting. I learned new things about current affairs.

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