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Media – Positive and Negative by Ayush

In the previous week of ethics we were divided into different groups by our Lecturer in a very unique way. He gave us pieces of papers in which animal names were written like dog, cat, goat etc. and we had to pick one each, and then we had to find our classmate who got the same animal by making the sound of the animal we’ve picked. For example if I picked dog then I have to bark to find my group mates. It was an enjoyable way to start. After we made our groups, there were many topics on the white board like media, internet etc. Every group had to choose one topic each, in my group which was goat, we chose the topic media. Now we were instructed to find out good and bad about media or in other words positive and negative aspects of media. In my group we found a lot of positive as well as negatives aspects of media. Nowadays, media has evolved in an extremely fast way; it is so much involved in our daily life that if it is doesn’t exist there will be many consequences. So the positive points of media that we came up with are,

  1. Exchange of trustworthy information and interaction between people.

  2. Ordinary people can use media as a stage to make their voices/problems heard.

  3. Communication barriers are narrowed with the help of media.

  4. In many ways media can be used for educational purposes.

The negative points that we brainstormed about media are,

  1. They disrupt privacy of people, politicians, celebrities etc.

  2. Sometimes the information they provide is just for their commercial benefit.

(Reflective Diary –3)

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