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Man Versus Man

This week we had a lecture with Mr. Jaime. It was interesting lecture because we recapped all previous topics related to ethics. Also, we learned applications of ethics and given ethical situation. Under that application, we learned different types of human conflict, type of basic needs, type of dilemmas and the type of action that we make. We related those topics into what kind of dilemmas was it?

I understood after the lecture that if there is some ethical issue then we need to know situation then only we can make decision. For this, we need to know type of conflict such as Man Versus Man, Man Versus Self, Man Versus Nature, Man Versus Group, Man Versus Supernatural and Man Versus Machine. Then we need to find what causes this situations because every ethical issue depends on some basic needs of human being like basic needs, primary needs, secondary needs and tertiary needs. In order to know about those human basic needs, we can make priority to make any decision. Also, in this lecture we learned about seven type of dilemmas and type of actions we can take.

After I learned these topics, I think I would be able to face problems in my daily life going through these characteristics.  I hope it will help me to make good decisions. Also, I think I won’t be bias while making decision as well as while giving advice to others.


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