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Mali: No Quick Fixes for a Complex Crisis

Today’s class was a good class, the lecture started by Prof. Omar Farouk, the Deputy Vice chancellor. He seemed very happy and enjoying lecturing us. The topics he talked about were a lot but the interesting one was on how news agencies get their news. There were news articles printed and distributed in the class and I was given as well.

The news article I picked to read was about Mali, the title of the article was “Mali: No Quick Fixes for a Complex Crisis”. Was reported or written by Gilles Yabi, on 19 November 2012. In the article it was written “The Economic Community of West African Sates has agreed on a revised concept of operations for the deployment of an international military force of 3,300 soldiers to help the Malian state wrest control of the northern part of the country from Islamist fighters. I read the whole news it was based on why the Islamist are able to control the northern parts of Mali and so on.

The other news article was about Malaysia which the title of the news was “Malaysia’s Coming Election: Beyond Communalism?” it was reported by Asia Report on 1 October 2012. The article was covering the Malaysia’s thirteenth general election, which Prime Minister Najib Razak will have to call by April 2013, could be a watershed in communal relations. More than ever before, there is a chance, albeit a very small one, that opposition parties running on issues of transparency, economic equity and social justice so on and son then Professor Adnan asked the students about the election issue going on in Malaysia. Some had information about and some didn’t even know when it election would.

However, it was an interesting class, I got the changed to talk with Professor Adnan about the ongoing issues in my country Afghanistan and I found out he had been to Afghanistan as member of UN for presidential election of Afghanistan.

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