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Malaysia’s 13th election and other issues

The lecture of the second week was mainly about to discuss the articles given in the previous class. In fact, they were relevant, recent and debatable. Therefore, the pace of the class was so intense with the discussions, ideas and new concepts.

First and foremost article discussed in the class was about Malaysia`s thirteenth general election which will take place in April 2013. As I stated earlier in the first week`s reflection paper, the election is not only about Malaysians, but it is closely connected with all the foreigners, students, teachers living in Malaysia as a part of Malaysian society. It is true that Malaysia is almost developed country with its resources and Great Britain`s initial establishments. However it is believed that the country`s biggest issues are economy, corruption and political reform. It might be true from one side. But I personally think that the government has more to do with social life of people and education. Even though there are huge opportunities for the young to study and research, the numbers of skilled workers, scientists are not enough; the professional doctors are still rare. Apart from this, the government is divided into two sides: government and opposition. The competition between both is extremely high. If the opposition side, the Islamic party wins then country will turn to Islamic country and there might be many changes. For all of the reasons above, everyone hopes that the right side will win in that election which can enhance the life in Malaysia.

The second issue was about the tensions ongoing between China and Japan. As we are aware, there are islands nearby Japanese and Chinese seas which have been claimed by both countries to be the real owners of them. Actually, nobody knows to which country they belong to. Nevertheless, the conflict aroused to owe the islands. The ways in the Japanese sea were blocked by Japan where around 40% of the shipping trade is done. Subsequently, not only both countries, but the world`s economy is being affected from those conflicts. All the people`s eyes are on these two countries now and they are hoping the tensions will be overcome in recent days.

In tutorial session, our lecturer explained the type of issues. They were economic, environmental, political and social issues.Undoubtedly, all of the above play major role in today`s competitive and global society. They can influence to each other. For example, the economic problems lead to shortages and collapse while the environmental problems should be solved. But a great deal of budget is required to overcome environmental issues. Therefore, all of them should be solved in order to step forward towards the development.

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