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Malaysia Election and other current affairs

The title of the course attracted me to this course, because I love to read about current situations across the world. It is still floating in my memory during Afghan war I always went to my aunt’s place to read newspaper and I further went on to collect paper cuttings about the war. Unfortunately the panic that I had towards the Advanced Level Examination chased me away from being updated to the current affairs. I thank God to giving me another opportunity to study what I really like.

I was amazed and slightly got panic when I first saw the crew which will guide us in seminar on current affairs. All the masterminds of AiU were in the panel, I thought how I can cope with this brainy crew? At the end of the first lecture I got confidence that I can do it and the course itself designed nicely to avoid boredom and make students actively involved.

I have attended the first class which was conducted by our Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Omar Farook. It was interesting because we were given five articles based on different issues and related to different regions. Most of the time we concerned about our region unless it is a prominent issue we go beyond the boundary. The articles were Lebanon and the Syrian conflict, Malaysia’s coming Election, Mali conflict, an internal issue of Pakistan and Sea of tensions.

We were advised to skim through the articles but I read only about Malaysia’s coming Elections. Then we were asked to present or state our understanding on the issue. Some of my Malaysian friends gave their suggestions on the Malaysian Election and an uzbek friend explained about the controversial sea site.

The 3rd week lecture was conducted by Dr Ahamed Faozy. In this lecture I learnt many things related to conflict. What I enjoyed most is Dr Ahamed Faozy explained conflict from its roots means the origin of the word and how it derived in English. A special note was the usage of latin words in English. Many scientists during middle age from latin hence most of the words were derived from latin in to English.

During tutorial we discussed about the types of conflicts, in which we were asked to differentiate and define current issues and conflicts for respective types. I doubted that those underworld groups whose job is to assassinate people for money in which type we can categorize them. I discussed among group mates they suggested me it should come under Intra State conflict. When I asked lecturer to clarify my doubt he agreed upon what group mates suggested me. In these three weeks I learnt many things which I believe useful to boost my interest in current affairs.

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