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Lying is Less Harmful than Killing – by Munira Seylaa

Lying is Less Harmful than Killing

31st Jan 2013

Today’s tutorial class was very interesting. We went through the introduction to ethics for starters.  We did a very interesting activity that made me ransack my brain to come up with a reasonable opinion for the notion that said ‘Lying is Less Harmful than Killing.’

Both lying and killing are bad acts. In my opinion i agree with this notion that ‘lying is less harmful than killing’. When someone lies they have a chance to rectify their mistake for lying but when someone kills another person, it’s hard to make up for the life that was lost. You can always have a second chance when you lie about something but never a second chance when you kill someone. A person who you have lied to may or may not accept your apology depending on what it is about but if someone dies, how can you apologies?

Life is a precious thing and we need to take care of it. Some of my classmates have argued this morning that lying leads to killing, but that is not the argument. Yes, it may lead to killing but that is beside the point. Another one said that married couple who lie to each other are better off killing each other and their reasoning was that either way the couple are dying emotionally. But isn’t it better to die emotionally than die physically?

I believe that marriage life or any other relationship has their ups and downs but the solution is never and Should Never be Killing each other. People make mistakes but killing is not inexcusable. I believe that their many resolutions other than killing. If someone lies to you it’s better to let them go and find someone else to be with you instead of killing that person.

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