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Lying is less harmful than killing? – by Hamdun Mohammed

Lying might be less harmful than killing but also to some extent it can lead to killing. For example, if you lie to someone that you did not have a relationship with his wife and suddenly he finds out, he might kill you. It also depends on the situation you are in. Serious situations might have serious consequences. It will either bring happiness or suffering. Suffering can lead to killing. Can I lie to bring happiness? Yes, of course. You can make two parties who were not in good terms with each other to have good relationship by just using a lie as a resolution. For example two parties, A and B were rivals of each other. You can lie to party A telling them that party B says you guys are wonderful and that they really admire. You can also say the same to party B. When they finally, they will have a smile on each other and you will have brought two parties together by just lying. On the other hand, lying is less harmful than killing because you might lie to someone but he or she will feel less pain than killing someone who is close to him or her. It is easy to forgive someone who lied to you but its not easy for someone to forgive the one who killed you closed ones. Sometimes you lie to someone and that person feels happy but killing no one feels happy unless its personal issue then someone can be happy. For example, the incident that occurred in Libya whereby Muammar Gaddafi was killed, it was a celebration for Libyans but sorrow for others around the world. Can we say that it was justice for Gaddafi to be killed? I think no because he had the right to defend himself. To sum up, lying and killing depends on situations and sometimes both bonds together.


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