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It is ethical to give high salary to a football player?

 Ethics is not just knowing right from wrong, but understanding the factors behind choices we make every day, especially when right vs. wrong is less clear. We know that making a good decision is really important in our life because it will affect us whether towards a good thing or towards a bad thing. Whether a teen, adult, or senior citizen, we all face ethical decisions every day. One need not be a professional to come face to face with decisions involving ethics. However, the question here is “is it a professional decision to give millions of dollar to a football player as their monthly salary”? We all know that nowadays, be a professional football player is one of the best occupation in order to gain a lot of money.  Lionel Messi is one of the best football players in the world nowadays and his salary is 130,000 euro per month( and one more person who got high salary is Cristiano Ronaldo and he gain 75,000 euro( per month and the biggest question here is it necessary to give a football player this amount of money every month while there are so many people outside there who live in the line of poverty and really need the money to survive. Besides that, there is some more reason why I think it is not ethical to give a massive amount of money to a football player its including unfairness, affecting their own carrier and personality and because last reason is because they are role model to the youth.

People might say that given a high amount of salary is suite to what they have done, because they might have training so hard every day in order to be a professional footballer. Besides, some of them also sacrifice their daily time to do their own extra training before they can be one of the professional players and because of their hard works they should be award with a high salary. People also might think that be a football player have its own risks because they might get serious injury in their carrier and might not be able to continue their carrier any more and that’s the reason why they think that football players should get a high salary.

For me I agree with all the statement above but my question to them is it is fair? To make it clearer, it is fair to give a high amount of salary to a football player when there are still so many occupations that are more beneficial out there and people works harder than what football players did. For example a teacher, their jobs is to give knowledge to others and without them there will be no doctors, there will be no professors and so on but did they get high salary like a football player did after what they have done?  And their work is not easy as we look a teacher has to meet so many human and all of they have different personality and behaviour  Because of that I truly disagree when a football player were given a huge amount of salary. Their job is just playing football and their job did not give any benefits to the community not like a doctor or a teacher who always give benefits to the society. Not just that, like I mention earlier now there is so many people who live under the line of poverty, they are struggling to live and need money to buy food to continue their life. Why not we reduce the amount of salary of a football player and donate the money to them it is more beneficial.

My next point is football players should not been given high amount of salary because it also will affect their own carrier and because getting a huge amount they will change their personality. What I mean here is most of the players when they become one of the famous football players and is given high amount of salary they will start to become arrogant. Most of the football starts now are still young and in this age they still cannot think like a real professional  When this is happen they will not respect their coach any more and even their team mates  Because of that, they will start to losing them self with the money that have been given to them and slowly their carrier will go down and probably will be end in a short time.  Moreover, most of these players like to waste their money. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo he have 19 cars in his collection. Why a person needs 19 cars? And the total cost of the cars is around 4,912.000 USD. It is necessary to spend that amount of money to but all the cars. My point is this will only happen they are given high amount of salary every month.

Lastly, it is unethical to give a football player high amount of salary is because they are the role model to the youth. My point is nowadays; most of the children are admiring the football player and have made them as their role model. Do they deserve to be a model to many children all around the world because they gain a lot of money? Besides, we all know that most of the football players don’t have educational background, so what I mean here is if the children really want to become like their model so they might follow what their model did. And I think it is really not ethical to stop studying just because we want to become a professional football player to get high amount of money and get rich. We all know that the riches person is not because of their money but because of their knowledge.

In conclusion, given a high amount of salary to a football player is really unethical. If we want to award someone we should know how much their contribution to society and their contribution should give more positive effects to all people. My point is, I’m not saying that being a football player is a bad occupation and not deserves to be awarded but it is not necessary to give them a huge amount of money from what they do. The profound moral question is not “Do they deserve to get that amount of money?” because everyone deserve to get the awards after they did something. But “it is necessary to give them that amount of money?”

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