Islamic Ethics

In this week the topic for lecture was Islamic Ethics which lectured by Mr Hamid and Ms Siti Noor. They start lecture by talking about jahiliyah which means ignorance. Before birth of prophet of Islam, there was ignorance high which people worship idols, they kill their own daughters, and so on which is really unethical issues. Even sometimes they made their gods by food then when they got hungry, they eat it God cannot be seen or eat. When prophet of Islam born, there was ignorance until he become prophet in his 40th age.

When he became prophet the world totally changed to justice, worshiping idols become less, and killing their daughters stopped. Islam has five pillars which it is build and if Muslims did not believe in one of them they are no more called Muslim. This five pillars are ‘Syahadah’, daily 5 times prayer, fasting, Zakat which means we can called it as tax which when you have enough money then you will pay if not you do not pay and perform Haj which means pilgrimage and it is compulsory for all Muslims to go one time in his/her life if he/ she has ability to pay for going there.

Ethics in Islam, has encourage their practitioners to be responsibilities, justice, kindness, self-discipline, generosity, culture of forgiving, safeguard ethics in charity, pray on time. During the lecture, there was a question which is ‘Why god only loves the people who have the good ethical behaviour?’ in my opinion God love both people who make good things and people who do a bad things. This is because human created by him and everyone love it is on creature. Moreover, if God did not love the one who make a bad thing He would punish them on that time. But God will give them time so that maybe people who made bad thing realize their mistakes. Unfortunately most of the time they will not realize it, and then they will say god does not love who made a bad things.

As a conclusion, God love much more and give them more happiness to those who do things from Gods law. And God loves who do bad thing also therefore, He give them chance to come to the right way of living. I hope that people understand this that if they did a bad thing and they did not see punishment it does not mean that God did not punish them but Just God giving them chance to realize their mistakes so that ask for forgiveness from God.


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