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Is surrogacy ethical?

During week nine, we have learnt about surrogacy, suicide. First let me share my thoughts on the issue of suicide. I remember in the lecture Mr.Fauzi said that suicide is a sin in Islam and Christian. Islam totally rejects it (Wala taktulu anfusakum). What I acknowledge from the Contemporary Ethical Issues tremendously mesmerizing because woman can carries baby for the infertile couple.

In my opinion all religion considers suicide as unethical and it is big sin. But still we can see lots of people are doing suicide due to the lack of patient and skills to face the challenges in life. People do suicide because of different reasons such as financial problem, personal problems, also due to ego and emotional. I do not have enough idea about its solution but still like to jot down some alternatives that could help to reduce suicide in our current era. People believe that doing suicide is better than living worst and painful life.

To some extent it might be right but I do not think it is the best solution to solve the problems. An individual should look for different alternatives to live better life rather than doing suicide. One should know the meaning of life deeply. They should involve him/her in different activities that can release their tensions and sufferings. Another point is that people those who are facing  heavy problems or sufferings should  build habit to share their joy and sorrow with their friends and neighbours that leads to positive effect and created positive solution for the problems. Therefore, for me doing suicide is completely unethical it is against the nature of law and religion as well.

Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the infertile couple. Surrogacy will jeopardize the chances of adoption. There are many reasons why a surrogate mother accepts to be one, among them commercial reasons and humanitarian reasons are the most common reasons that we can find in our society.  Similarly, some people thinks that surrogacy is unethical because it is completely sin because one mother cannot misuse their power and rights by giving birth for others in order to earn money. Giving birth to baby and giving to other is more or less like selling her baby for money that completely illegal too.

However, there are so many legal, moral, and religious issues involved in surrogacy. When looking at the role religion plays or has played in surrogate motherhood, we tend to look at the story of Abraham and Sarah. The moral and ethical issue surrounding the scenario was Sarah arranging for Abraham and Hagar to have them a child. It was the practice of her native country where there was no hope in bearing children for the spouse to give her maid to provide an heir for the family. This was one of the legal codes of Mesopotamia. Precisely the wife determined the rights of the offspring ( Grayce P. Storey). I am fully agreed with this phrase and I hope everyone agree because it gives solution one’s sufferings.  Eventually, in my society where I came from I have seen some incident of surrogate mother. When one sister is unable to give birth or she is infertile then her sister gives birth for her in order to settle happy and prosperous life for infertile sister in the society.

Therefore, I personally feel that surrogacy can be ethical if it is the solution and it is totally unethical if it is for money or for business purposes. But still I could not stop myself thinking questions, is it ethical for child all though he/she is getting high love and affection without real mother and how is the child is viewed in the eyes of society?

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