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Introduction to Ethics – Reflective Diary 1 – by Ayush Awale

To begin with, I want to express my gratitude to all my lecturers for introducing me and the whole UGP students to the two wonderful, knowledgeable subjects Current Affairs and Introduction to Ethics. We students are very lucky to have so many experienced lecturers in these two subjects. Likewise, the last lecture of Introduction to ethics was very knowledgeable; I learned many new things about the ethics of today’s world. In the last session of introduction to ethics we had a very knowledgeable discussion on moral philosophy or in other words right and wrong, good and bad. We even had a discussion on serious consequence can be harming as well as rewarding and its connection to human well-being and the environment. The most interesting thing that I learned in the last tutorial class of ethics was the ethics is both Science and Art. Its science because its comprehensive, coherence, consistent and adequate likewise it has the characteristics of art that are imaginative and creative. At the end of the class we had an activity where half of the class had to sit on the chair and other half were standing behind those who were sitting. The students who were sitting had to discus and the students who were standing had to reflect and evaluate them. The topic was Killing is better than lying or vice-versa. It was a creative way of learning which I really enjoyed a lot.

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