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Introduction to Ethics-Reflection Diary-by Natri

WEEK 1 I was wondering when the first time knowing that I was going to have a course called “Introduction to Ethics.” As I know, ethics is the rule of conduct to differentiate right and wrong. In the beginning I used to believe that people already know about right and wrong, so we do not need to have course about ethics. January 14th, 2013 was my first lecture on the subject. Eight lecturers were standing on the stage. They were introducing themselves as the lecturers who will teach us ethics. First session was taken by Mr.Evangelos Afrendras. He started the class by asking student’s knowledge about ethics. Due to the explanation by him, I understand that ethics is not only about right and wrong but also helpful in person’s decision making. In order to make the class more interesting, our lecturers distributed some articles and divided us into group. We, the students, were supposed to discuss about some ethical issues and our views about those problems. In my group, I got the article about a maid from Sri Lanka accused of murdering a baby executed in Saudi Arabia. By analyzing this issue, I found that there was injustice case caused by flaws in judicial system and unavailable lawyer and translator to support this maid. While we were discussing each representative from each group came in front and started presenting the ethical issues involved and value we can gain. January 17, 2013 was the class for tutorial. Mr.John Britto is my lecturer. Class started with signing attendance and forming the group discussion. Continuing the lesson, our lecturer tried to open our eyes that ethics is how to use tools of reasoning in making moral judgement. I have learned that before doing an action we should consider the consequence by logical reasoning, whether it is suffering or rewarding. As I have learnt, I understand that ethics is not only matter of judging bad and good but it is clearly the way in making moral judgment which will cause consequences. I personally before thought there is no benefits of learning ethics because obviously we do know how to differentiate bad and good but now I realize this course will help me and other students to be better in examining ourselves, taking action and gaining result.

WEEK 3 January 28th, 2013 is third week of our ethics class. The class began with a speech by Mr.Jaime about disciplinary system in the class regarding attire and time. Our class started with explanation from Mr.Evangelos Afrendras about assessment methods. After finishing about assessment, the lecturers spread question papers related to our ethical issues that happened in the past. Those questions helped me to reflect on myself as a human being in ethical term and to guide myself in taking action. January 31, 2013 was the tutorial of the third week. Our lecturer reviewed the last topic about ethics as tools of reason in making judgement. While time goes by, I understand better and arrest some new knowledge about ethics. Moreover, our lecturer divided us into two groups to discuss the topic “Lying is Less Harmful than Killing.” The rule of this discussion, group one should discuss and provide opinion about this topic whereas the group two had to watch and come to the conclusion. In the beginning some students said that lying is more harmful whereas others said less. In the end of discussion we agreed that both of them are harmful and dangers of lying and killing depending on the situation and consequences caused.

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