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Internet privacy

Internet privacy has become a major issue at current days whereby even the well protected government systems are being hacked. It has become a great risk whereby the personal information and secrets are being publicized or previewed by the whole world. It also involves the right or mandate of the personal privacy concerning the storing. Providing to the third parties, and displaying of information pertaining to oneself via internet.

Nowadays it is obvious that once you are in internet there no more privacy and secret at all. Steve Rambam said that “Privacy does not exist – Once you are in Net. Privacy is dead – get over it”. We need to be more concerned on these issues while we are in internet. Especially about the security level of the website they access. There are many uncertainties when using the internet.   How can we trust that our personal information is safe?   How do we know that we actually have privacy?   How do advertisers obtain our personal information?   Are there actually laws regarding internet privacy? Though we are aware of these facts still it is difficult to safeguard our personal information from internet. Especially using internet credit accounts are risky nowadays.

To give a support for those who face internet privacy issues, there are some agencies which are playing important acts towards solving these issues or finding the culprits. As Examples EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center  and NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center .  These agencies are trying to protect the online consumer protection laws. Some other privacy protection agencies have formed to protect the rights of Internet users, EPIC has step in and it helps small companies of Internet users with their own privacy problems, hackers getting into their systems and ruining the networks, and crackers stealing  private information. I think knowing these agencies will also be helpful for the internet dependent world.

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