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Internet Ethics (Week 5) – by Shagufa Shahista Mahboob

What is Ethics? Are there different types of Ethics? The answer to my question is yes. There are different types of ethics in different fields and with that there are some good things about it and also some bad things as well.In my class i learned about Business Ethics , Organizational/ Management Ethics, Healthcare/ Medical Ethics, Media Ethics, Political Ethics, Educational Ethics, Sports Ethics and finally Internet/Facebook Ethics.

For me I am only going to touch on Internet and Facebook Ethics. Internet and Facebook Ethics means that what re some of the right and wrong things that we shouldn’t do. Some of the good things about Internet and Facebook if that it has respect of others privacy it means that each person will have his or her own account to log in and log out without any other person knowing it. Secondly, to avoid your account being hacked or people commenting bad things about you it’s better to accept friends whom you personal because some of the situations has arise that peoples photos are taken out from social networking sites and place in some bad sites which the user wont like it at all. Some of the negatives effects of this is that it has cyber bully it’s like a really life bully but it is done through social networking sites for example, a person might comment on a particular persons photo that he or she is too fat or too ugly that person will really feel embarrassed and will thing down to him or herself. Secondly, Identity Theft, it is like that some unknown person will hack into your account and use your user account to chat will people and post some bad pictures and comments on the networking sites. Cyber stalking and Cyber Grooming is something like people will want to be your friend for a particular of time but actually their intention is bad or negative towards you.These are some of the negative and positives points that i learned in my class.

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