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If I am selected as the Secretary General of UN?

The word of United Nation  it seems complex topic for me in this week on the current affair  lecture however, it  makes me more interest to know what is the united nation and what are they working for? These question it still stuck in my mind during lecture time when some of the representative from the student came in front and they were exchanging the ideas of what the United Nation help their country. So, it’s really open my point of view about the United Nation because before this I didn’t have so much knowledge  which is relate to this topic as much as I know it’s just the international organization world and now I knew what the United Nation is and what is the purpose of organize this kind of industry world.

United Nation (UN) is international organization world peace, international economic, international law, and international security, social progress, and human rights. An international organization which was founded in 1945 and consists of 194 member states. Besides that, there are six principle organs in UN which are General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, the Secretarial, the International Court of Justice, the UN Trusteeship Council and many smaller organizations working under United Nation such as WTO, UNICEF, WFP and so on.

Each committee in UN works for of bringing peace to the world and helping countries which including in the united nation member’s to be advanced. Such as, WTO (World Trade Organization) is established for business field where people around the world can make trade from country to country and contribute to development of countries. United Nation places its Headquarter in New York City together with some important sub-headquarters in Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna. People work in United Nation commonly use Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish because countries which speak those language have strong authority and voice in United Nation.

The United Nations Association of Thailand (UNAT) was established in 1953 as a non-profit organization aiming to promote greater knowledge and awareness of works and principles of the United Nations among the general public as well as to provide updated information on its work and contributions to the international community. The Association has devoted to the promotion of peace, justice, development and human rights. It also supports cooperation, friendship and understanding among sovereign states as well as the world’s citizens.

I am from Thailand and in the world map as we can see that my country is located in South East of Asia. There are 11 countries in total of regional area. UN is an organization which mainly works for peace of the world. In our region we set up an organization which called as ASEAN between countries for the aim of cooperation in economic, politic, culture, and development of each country by helping each other to grow in 2015 coming soon. However, people still can’t control what is happening in case of conflict between religion such as conflicts in border areas Thailand-Cambodia and forward country conflicts in Thailand which is nonstop yet now day because of people don’t know what the real peace is.

Secondly, I have to give my point on if I am elected as a secretary General of UN and my advices toward UN if I am a president of my country. Yes, those “if” might be difficult to become a president but I still have rights to wish and dream about it. I just want everyone live in peace and have a good life. However, life is never perfect and it won’t be an easier thing to get without attempt. If I become a president I would like to help people Muslim in my country to change their life better rather than suffering now and give the right or value of their life equal in the society as people who support to get the chance because especially in the south of Thailand .there so many conflict between Thai Buddhist and Thai Muslim to solve the main problem on this issues and back to the peace as we live  as peaceful more than ten years before again.

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