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I think it depends on the situation

In the third week, Dr.Evengalos started talking about the origin of ethics. The topic mainly was about ethics in the ancient Greece where he mentioned about Socrates’ life, who is renowned for his contributions to the field of ethics. However, Dr. Evengalos did mention before he starts the lecture that the origin of ethics coming from ancient Greek is widely a controversial topic, which I totally agree. I do not believe that the Greeks were the first who had rigorous and systematic approach to ethics. It is not the invention of Greek philosophers but rather, philosophers borrowed it from revealed religions.

In the tutorial class, Mr. john took us to deeper concept of Ethics that it is not only making moral judgments but an art and science of judging moral behavior which has serious consequences of harming or rewarding human well being and environment.  He gave some examples by asking students couple of ethical dilemmas and elaborated how a serious consequence would be at one point harming or rewarding.

At the end of the tutorial, Mr.John requested a number of students to discuss a topic while the rest of the students observe and listen to the argument. The topic was about killing/ lying , which one do you think is more harmful? There were many opinions from my colleagues, some of them agreed that a lie is way more harmful in magnitude than killing and gave examples about the westerners (USA) and how they lied to people about the nukes in Iraq. Some of them disagreed and said otherwise. For me , the more I think about it, it takes me to deeper dilemmas, I think it depends on the situation, both lying and killing, are not acceptable or good and they are nearly at the same level, but how would lying or killing surpass each other in the level of evilness perhaps, that depends on the situation, case-by-case.

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