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I felt like I came to my second home

4 March 2013 was the week 12 and it was the last week for us in this class. This week lecture we had celebrating the end of our course, we rewind back what we learned from the first week until now then, we watched eight videos about United Nation and did an activity about the video, which is we have to create a poem in our mother tongue and translate it into English. After that, the lucky people will go on the stage in present their poem. I was enjoying during the celebration, however, I felt a little bit nervous because afraid if they choose me to present my poem. Actually, at that time because of too nervous I did not have any idea to write anything, my mind becomes blurred. Fortunately, they are not calling me. J.

Be in this course in twelve weeks was a great memory for me. When I entered the lecture theatre, I felt like I came to my second home because we are like family. Even though, when the first class I felt awkward with the new environment, which have not only one lecturer will be teaching us but more than that and it was amazing. I never see in a class there have more than one lecturer will teach students. Furthermore, actually during the beginning of the class, I do not have any idea about this course and I am asking myself what I will learn in this course. After going through with the class week by week I do know what current affairs all about. In this course, we learned about the current issues that occur all around the world.

Besides that, I was enjoying the journey of learning this subject, many things I got such as knowledge and experience. I am very thankful to all of the lecturers because work hard to teach us. Starting with nothing and ending with getting something. Moreover, I really appreciate what was all the lecturer sacrifice for us.  We start our journey with introducing the lecturers and followed by introducing the course, what is a current affair all about. Besides, in week two we got the articles about a sea of tension and many more. During at that time also we were taught about Japan. Then, we move to week three and four, learned about the conflicts and there have many types of conflicts. We learned globalization on week five and week six we watched a video about the problems that occur around the world. In addition, during week seven we learned about the democratic  and in week eight we were taught about the United Nation: general overview, come to week nine we learned about Arab Spring. During week ten, again, we were taught about United Nation and we watched the video about the Great War (1914-1918) in week eleven. Finally, come to week twelve the last week for being in the Seminar of Current Affair class. During this period, I learned much new knowledge and the lecturers brought my thinking about the issues that occurs nowadays to all over the world.

Finally, last for me, I am really thankful and appreciate all the lecturers because gave much knowledge not only to me but to all students, we are really thankful to all of you. Without you we could not get much knowledge as we have now. Thank you so much, you sacrifice all your time to teach us and be patience with our behavior. Thank you so much, only this word can express how grateful I am to all the lecturers.


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