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Humanity in the present world, Lying is less harmful than Killing – by Tahira Mohotha

Today’s class was quite interesting. This is because there were so many topics that were discussed regarding ethical issues. One of the topics that dragged my attention was regarding the progress of humanity in the world. In addition, handouts were distributed and they were about sample RDs, the Hippocratic Oath and a dialog between two famous people named Socrates and Callicles.

Focusing on the articles, my understanding after reading the Hippocratic Oath was that it has the ideal name for the people who follows it. It is understood that this oath is about the promise that doctors make to keep to the principles of the profession. But I doubt it that people who follow this oath stick to it because, after reading the oath I feel that there are some points where it is difficult and not practical to follow in the present days. May be this is why this oath was modified and many versions are to be seen in many countries. Regarding the other article which was about the dialog between two people namely Socrates and Callicles, I found this very interesting. It was mind-blowing when I saw how Socrates proved himself correct by giving reasonable and logical points to overcome his opponent. Callicles had to just listen and accept to all what Socrates said and was finally proved wrong and had to admit that pleasure and good are not the same.

Now, turning the steering wheel to the topic that was most interesting to me; the progress of humanity in the present world. In general, I think that there is no progress of humanity to be seen in the present world. It is clearly seen to our naked eyes all the ethical issues that countries are facing due to inhumanity, injustice and many other reasons. The problems get wider and worse day by day. Some of the examples are the rape incident which happened in India, the Palestine and Israel conflict, the Syria war and many more other unethical issues that are taking place around the world. By looking at these issues, how can one say that there is a progress of humanity happening in the world? It is true and acceptable that there is a small increment of humanity happening in the world, one of the greatest examples for this is our founder of AiU. He is a great man with humanity planted within himself. But how many people like this exists in this world? Its just a handful isn’t it? It is sad to accept the reality that all these great peoples humanity work gets covered when comparing the ugly side of the world’s issues. To add more on to this, with the growth of technology which follows with the competition among people tend to forget the meaning of humanity. They take everything for granted and misuse their knowledge. The present generation has a tendency of changing the cultures and traditions that their ancestors have taught them. They feel its uncool and old fashioned. This could be one of the main reasons to inhumanity because a person with no culture or religion in himself does not have the fear of god and this leads toward the temptation of doing wrong actions. Humanity should not be forcefully poured to a person; it should come gradually within him/herself. If all people think of doing actions for his or others betterment, then this world could change to a bright side. Therefore this should start from oneself, he/she should not just say, but show.

All details above were discussed in the lecture class. In the tutorial class we revised on what actually the word ‘Ethics’ mean. I was able to absorb the idea that ethics is the art and science of judging moral behaviors which has serious consequences on human well being and their environment. In this class what was most interesting was the activity where some of us had to discuss our own opinion on the topic ‘lying is less harmful than killing’.

My opinion on this is neutral. Firstly I would say that both are harmful as both causes a sin. Whether its lying or killing, both are wrong deeds. There is a famous saying that “a little or a lot, poison is poison and it causes damage’. So how could one say that one is less harmful than the other? But when thinking out of the shell, it could differ depending on the situation. One could be less harmful than the other depending on the situation. For an example, if a person is in a situation where he should be honest and say the truth that his brother committed a huge crime when he knows that the result of saying the truth is that his brother would be hung to death.

Therefore in this situation this person would not say the truth just to save his brother. He would say a lie because he cannot bare the pain of losing his brother. On the other hand killing also could be less harmful than lying. An example for this is a situation where a women has to abort her child just because she cannot bare telling lies to the society regarding the mistakes she had done  to be in that situation. So she would rather kill the unborn child than lying to the society. So, all what I’m saying is that lying and killing is both equally harmful, but this could also differ according to the situation.

In a nutshell, I’ve learnt a lot during this week about ethics and issues that are related and happening in the world. I’m eagerly looking forward to learn more on this topic with interesting examples and incidents that are happening in our daily lives.

(Week 3)

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