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Human Trafficking

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1.0… abstract. 3

1.1… introduction. 3

1.2... purpose 3

1.3     objectives. 4

1.4    body. 4-5

1.5… solutions. 5-6

1.6… conclusion. 6

…….. references. 7



Human trafficking does not only destroy one’s life but it is likely to cause a destruction of a whole family in a society.  The purpose of this project is to distance ourselves from human trafficking and present the research on the answers why human trafficking has been domestically done. We all know that  “prevention is better than cure; “to prevent ourselves from human trafficking is better than sending people to hospital (psychologist) or laying the law to the accused persons while it will be too late. However this report will also highlight the problems regarding dignity and dissatisfactions caused by human trafficking.


The aim of this research is to answer the WH questions based on the human trafficking which has been done domestically. Human trafficking is a global issue and the world has put a much attention to it, compare to other global issues. This research paper will highlight all the WH questions of human trafficking. It is every one’s right to stand together as a team, join all brains together and fight human trafficking. No one knows when it will be his/her turn, his /her loved ones or child’s turn.  The world at large has to be aware of the destructions of human trafficking.  Each and everyone have to be prepared and be ready to face the disasters caused by human trafficking.


Human trafficking in a simple sense refers to enslaving someone through hard labor, prostitution, and being working for a particular group, individual or organization being over used or without being paid. Human trafficking is mostly done through boarders/internationally but now it is also happening in front of your bare eye lids which is within our homes, nations / domestically.   The lives of the trafficked people are usually messed up, because they have a low voice against the illegal actions people are doing to them. The human right that the people are claiming for, it is not implemented to their lives because it seems like they do not have any right to their lives in particular. As a human, it is very good to sit sometimes and ask yourself whether you are doing justice to this world and to your fellow human beings.  To be powerful does not mean everything and it should not mean that you have to mistreat the inferior ones.


My research focuses on finding the answers why human trafficking is been practiced domestically. I want to prove to everyone that it is not only done because of poverty or in a critical situation where there is no way out. The other aim of this report is to show the damages human trafficking has done and the pains will never be healed or it might takes a life time process to fixed all the damages and get it  back to normal.

1.4 BODY


Human trafficking can be explained into two major causes such as domestically causes and international causes but I would love to concentrate on the domestically causes of which lead to the international causes. As the saying goes charity began at home. In the area of domestically factors most of the time it is cause by lack of political, social and economic instability are some of the reasons. Besides that, a lack of reasonable and realistic prospects, situations of armed conflict and oppression, domestic violence, gender discrimination and disintegration of the family structure also are some other factors. Moreover, lack of access to education and information is when the individual not concerns about how important other human beings to another. Gender discrimination is also the causes that make another gender that is male or female to be stressed out with the situation that happens among them. Domestic violence and disintegration of the family structure can be explained when the problems occur in community give a problem to another human beings and family members have to show more love and alert about their children. The People who traffic human are bad and greedy people. So they buy women, and children, and sometimes men, and use them until they can no longer be of use and they either kill them, or abandon them.


In the world of human trafficking people always regard it as in a form of hard labor and prostitution and  children and women are the most vulnerable ones when we talk about the issue of human trafficking and the ages range from 15- 24 years. According to Azhar and Mona (2011), the rate of childhood trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation has been on the global rise. Each year, more than 1 million children are exploited in the global, purposely for commercial sex trade and as many as 2.8 million children live on the streets, and most of them are lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home. After drug trafficking, human trafficking is tied with the illegal arms trade as the second largest criminal industry in the world and the fastest growing. That is to say, human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Every 10 minutes, one person is trafficked into the US and around the World; a victim is exploited every minute.


According to Cathy, Mazeda and Charlotte (2011) human trafficking is an international crime renowned for extreme forms of violence against women, men and children. Although trafficking-related violence has been well-documented, the health of trafficked persons has been a largely neglected topic. For people who are trafficked, health risks and consequences may begin before they are recruited into the trafficking process, continue throughout the period of exploitation and persist even after individuals are released. Policy-making, service provision and research often focus narrowly on criminal violations that occur during the period of exploitation, regularly overlooking the health implications of trafficking. Similarly, the public health sector has not yet incorporated human trafficking as a health concern. We present a conceptual model that highlights the migratory and exploitative nature of a multi-staged trafficking process, which includes: ‘recruitment’, travel-transit’, ‘exploitation’ and ‘integration’ or ‘reintegration’, and for some trafficked persons, ‘detention’ and ‘re-trafficking’ stages. Trafficked persons may suffer from physical, sexual and psychological harm, occupational hazards, legal restrictions and difficulties associated with being marginalized or stigmatized. Researchers and decision-makers will benefit from a theoretical approach that conceptualizes trafficking and health as a multi-staged process of cumulative harm. To address a health risk such as trafficking, which spans geographical boundaries and involves multiple sectors, including immigration and law enforcement, labor, social and health services, interventions must be coordinated between nations and across sectors to promote the protection and recovery of people who are trafficked.


Every problem has a solution but it depends on the attitude people take towards the laid down solutions.  The best solutions are to put strong rules and penalties for anyone found guilty doing it since is against human right. The solution for the human trafficking issue can be in many various ways and types. But the solution must be strong enough to prevent and bring the human trafficking criminal to justice. As we know that, in many countries, governments act as an institution of making rules and regulations. Rules and regulations can be made as a way to overcome the human trafficking issue. To make it more effective, law enforcement can be done by our security department such as the police department. The other solution is to find or establish good and trustworthy organizations where the trafficked people can come and seek for help when it is necessary. There should be an advocacy programs to enlighten the world at large about the mentally harms it causes.  The last solution from me is that the human right body should provide sufficient fund to help the trafficked people in order to start a new live and let go everything that had happened in their lives and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) should take their part to overcome this human trafficking issue. For example, NGO’s can organize more campaign for citizens on how to protect themselves from being cheated by those criminal. The NGO’s can join up together with the mass media such as TV stations to show the harms of human trafficking through drama, advertisement and so on. So, NGO’s also can start a new life for them, by giving out financial funds/support. The contribution will help to protect the victims by providing them the basic needs such as shelter, clothing, feeding, etc. Motivation is the most important things they really need in order to gain back their hopes.


Human trafficking is all about pains and sufferings.  Since we’re all equal then why should we introduce new form of slavery? Sometimes those who are involve in trafficking people they need to think that they do not wish any of their children to be treated in that manner. There should be more legislation for human trafficking. This world it has no use for making fast money because you might not enjoy it at the end.  The children are the hope of tomorrow. They need proper guidance and proper education. Nevertheless, why it is done on women, can they have the sense of thinking and know that woman form a nation which later forms a world. 


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