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How can you influence ethical thinking?

In the week 7 lecture was conducted by Mr. Jaime. I really enjoyed the way he conducted the class, also the it was really easy to understand what he thought because of the way he used. We started off by doing a simple survey among us about what ethic means in our opinion. I thought that ethics meant by only doing what is right and wrong. I have come to know that each person have their own framework when it comes to making decisions which helps them to draw boundary between right and wrong.

The result from the survey shows that majority of AiU students’ ethical decision is affected by their feelings and the second majority is from religion. I never realized that feeling also plays a major role in decision making although I must have made millions of my decisions involving my feelings without ever knowing it. So it is true that there are many things that we don’t know that influence our ethical decision.

The reflective question for this week was “How can you influence ethical thinking? How to create an ethical framework that can be used in almost all the situations?”

For me there is no definite answer to both of the questions. Since my ethical thinking is mostly influenced by feeling, I guess I need to evaluate my feeling about the particular situation and use both my head and mind together to come up with a decision.

I think the best way to create a best suited ethical framework is to evaluate my own decision making style. From then on wards, I can evaluate any strengths and weakness and create a new and improved framework. However, I do not think that this framework will work in all situations. There will always be exceptional cases and accordingly I will need to be flexible to these cases.

Is the good character of the person who is acting more important than rules, consequences or the action of the person? Well this is a very confusing question. To my opinion the action of the person is more important because there are people who have great personality and are equally able in speaking good words but they fail to show it. The action will always show how capable and believable the person is.

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