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Honestly, I enjoy consuming junk foods

I have visited junk food centers numerous times and honestly, I enjoy consuming junk foods. One of my most memorable visits to the junk food restaurants was one year ago, when I was leaving from my country to Malaysia. My family and I decided to have the lunch on one of the junk food restaurants in my country. The place was very attractive and there were a lot of people mostly expatriates. It was very busy and since it was lunch time everyone seemed to be in rush. The restaurant is well decorated and it is much more beautiful than most of the traditional food restaurants. We immediately made the orders as we arrived the place. It took for ten minutes for the food to be served to us and we started eating the delicious food. At that time, I did not give any attention to the difference between junk food restaurants and others; however I understood the difference when I studied this course specially after attending one tutorial lecture which covered fast food restaurants. It was this lecture that made me to think about the impacts of fast foods on our societies.

Fast foods restaurants are mainly owned by some entrepreneurs from the developed countries and they have branches in many parts of the world. They are allowed to operate in those countries, because the governments of the host countries get tax from them, and to a smaller extent they create employment to the locals. They serve fast foods and they make life easier for many people who don’t have time to cook food in their houses. Despite having the advantages mentioned, they also bring many problems to our society. First, fast foods are not healthy and they are related to many fatal diseases such as obesity, hearth attack and diabetes. Secondly, their owners are from the developed world, which means the profit obtained from the business will go out of our economic system and thus the money would not be invested back to our countries. Thirdly, it leads to loss of traditional foods and closing down of traditional food restaurants.

Though I am one of the victims of junk foods restaurants because I love it so much, I would advise people to try to avoid consuming it. People need to consider its health risks and negative effects on our economy. Let us develop our own traditional foods and rely on them as our parents and great ancestors relied on it.

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