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Great War and lessons for me

Today, I want to share my feelings of last lecture for trimester two. This class we were showed a long video of Great War which refers to the first world war in human history. The Great War lasted within four years between 1914 and 1918. The video was about the battle between France and Germany. Both two nations prepared for the confrontation with advanced weapons at the same time they try to mobilize fighting forces. Political power in France as well as in Germany try their best to get win the opponent. They fight to each other many times and never give up the dream of dominator of the world

. During the war, France swept off natural and human resources, economical profits and whatever brings benefit for war fee. People in colonized countries of France such as Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos), some countries in South East Asia and Africa lived miserably, worked hardly and being oppressed just because we were slaves of France. Evenly, a lot of soldiers who were chosen from those colonized countries to participated and sacrificed in the France-Germany confrontation.

How many people were taken away from their beloved ones, how many widows lived without hope of get back their husband, how many mother at the same time her husband and her sons just because of the war. Pain and wounds is uncounted. Love and family emotion is valuables and people have rights to live. Great War destroyed millions of people in both countries. Millions of French soldiers, German soldiers and innocent souls from their colonized nations fell down because of war. Lots of hospitals, roads, schools, trees and houses are counted as a great lost for France and Germany.

After watching the video about the Great War, we had ten minutes for our break as usual then the lecture was continued with question-answer part. We all student were given a paper with some questions which we had to choose and answer during the class. From my point of view, war is unavoidable and therefore peace is not achievable permanently in this world. Because people have limited wants and needs principally those developed countries all the time keep in their mind of being controllers of the world. The more the ambition, the more they want to broaden their domain since desire of world ruler never stops.

What wars leave for human are just the destruction, the loss of people lives, economy and natures. Pains, hurts, injuries resulted from war are estimated. When war comes how many people fall down, how miserable of separation family members and the forever loss of loved ones, no one can pay for those sacrifices. War however can be prevented and so peace may be saves if all countries in the world respect each other, people must realize the importance of human rights and solve conflicts in a peaceful way then things will be better. United Nation should take full of their responsibilities to bring world peace and the cooperation of each country in the world is not excluded as a major contribution.

Closing my last reflective diary for seminar on current affairs I would say my thanks to all my respective lectures who tried their best to bring me knowledge which benefits not only in my study but also in my life. Through eleven weeks of learning I got lots of experience and lesson and they help me to understand more on current issues in the world nowadays.

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