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Good and bad

Since the emergence of the human beings there have always been two sides: good and bad. Prior to this time the world has witnessed many occurrences, great phenomenon like the development stages, building the incredible and fascinating towers, buildings and pyramids, cruel situations like wars, conflicts, tensions, droughts, poverty and many others. To say in one, our ancestors, people living now have experienced almost everything. In fact, we can know from the history that the wars and conflicts have always become the main issue among countries. Now also, it is still continuing and becoming the major target of media and attention of the governments and people. The question always makes me think: why do the human beings stop the wars? Are not they tired of killing each other and destroying the homes of innocent people? Why they do not think of the children who are losing their parents because of the war? I can say that we are killing ourselves with our hands!

Thereby, having added another subject Seminar on current affairs and having the lectures and tutorials from it would play a significant role to change some concepts in today`s contemporary society. As knowing there are about 800 students from more than 50 countries. And most of them will be working in higher positions after graduation. Furthermore, they can change the life in more than 53 parts of the world, at least they will try.

If I talk about the first lecture we had I should admit that it was really interesting. Maybe it is because I am interested in politics and world`s economy. After giving the brief introduction about the subject we were given the number of articles to read about the world`s recent political and social issues which are mainly about conflicts and tensions. Among them we can see some of the conflicts are very recent and partly connected to our lives. Especially, the article which is about the Malaysian upcoming election for the government has been clearly described. It is inevitable that the election`s results will partly impact to us as well as we are part of Malaysian society even though it is temporarily. Therefore, we are strongly recommended to be aware of the issues around us. After I read the article, I understood that if opposition side which consists of Islamic party wins, country will probably turn to Islamic country.

In the tutorial session we enhanced our political and social knowledge by looking at the cast system in India. I have heard a lot about that but I have not known that the marriage cannot be done between casts and the last level “untouchables” are out of system at all, they are not considered like a human.

I believe that the students here will be motivated from those talks of lecturers and they will endeavor to enhance their countries` lives. At least, we can enhance our political and social knowledge.  In fact, it is very useful for those who train with debating and public speaking. I expect more features and interesting topics in the following lectures and tutorials.

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