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God doesn’t exist, God is

First all, people may seem confuse about this title of two clauses. Well, I’d prefer to tell a bit about the man who brought this philosophical expression to the class. He is named Hamid Nadjet and his Iranian. His name always sound to me as Ahmadinejad the Iranian president. A professor who spent his entire life away from home. From time to time, listening to him makes me smile because of his French influenced English language. However, I totally understand how easy it is not to learn as many languages as he did. Precisely, let’s talk about our philosophical sentence.

God doesn’t exist, God is. This statement was brought about by Dr. Hamid during our tutorial class in ethics course. The topic of the day was “how to differentiate between tradition, culture, religion and religious attitude”. As you know the more a discussion goes on the more ideas come about. When he first revealed the first clause which is God doesn’t exist, as we have a lot individual in class with strong religious background, I started hearing murmurs all around me; some were ironically saying this lecturer is funny and some others were saying is this lecturer a believer. Knowing what he was doing, he let them in the confusion for certain moment. Then, he came up with the second clause which is: God is. Murmurs started again, but this time in a humble way. Everyone was carefully analyzing the statement.

After all, Dr. Hamid explained that the verb exist has to be related to a period of time and space. For example, a man exist because he did not use to. He was born to exist and he died not to exist anymore. However, “God is” because God is eternal. He used to exist, he exists and he will exist permanently. From that moment, I saw expression of satisfaction on the faces of certain of my colleagues.

To end, I’d quote this statement from Merry Ford who said once: anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. I believe that life is about learning. Therefore, all my thanks go to Introduction to ethics and to Dr. Hamid for the knowledge offered.

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