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Globalization from Several Angles – by Jahid

Globalization is not a new concept to the present world. It existed even in the historical period that the remarks can be obtained from the then global trade and transaction of goods among different countries of the world. In addition, demand for growing capital and investment in more opportunities and sectors made the world turn towards globalization. Consequently, migration of people has happened all over the world and knowledge and services are no more limited at a place. They are always expanding due to increasing demand of increasing population. As every issue in this globalizing era has different aspects from economic, political, environmental and socio-cultural, i would like at first to discuss more on the environmental aspect of globalization. As a consequence of globalization, climate of Earth is gradually changing. The greenhouse effect in the atmosphere zone of the Earth is indeed a dangerous phenomenon for which the planet is being warmed and sea-level is rising. The reasons behind all these are intentional or unintentional, massive usage of green-house gas in the factories, in refrigerators and in aerosols. In addition, sea-level is rising leading many countries and low lands to danger of sinking within 2050. While danger on environment is an issue to world people, the concept of environmental degradation easily attract our eyes. Due to trade of goods in countries by multinational companies, people are using plastic bags more and more and throwing here and there leading to soil and water pollution. The cross boundary water issue is also one a talk of the era. Countries possessing oceanic or sea boundary are trying to research and get oil or gas mine under water and while claiming those their own, falling into war. Demand for fish and sea-food of increasing population also is leading to over fishing in the sea area. As a result, species under water are on extinction. Politics has been playing as a role behind all power and influence from the past. Slowly the nations are going towards forming politically united states or nations. Due to globalization political powers from different geographical regions are gathering in a same room to discuss, share and come to agreements on international laws, trade and peace. Globalization consequently has reduced the importance of a one nation or states. Rather it is driving to form ‘supra states’ such as UN, U-E, G8. Globalization in its economic frame is another comprehensive topic. Countries around the world have formed particular economic zones such as European Union. ASEAN, SAARC and are working together within these zones where migration, brain-drain, credit transfer, trades are easier and taxes are low on every items from within these countries. Brain-drain has also occurred in search of better life or job transfer and reverse brain-drain has happened while those people are coming back to home country in order to contribute in the development of the country. Outsourcing has also become possible in this era whereby bills and supply of goods may come from another country to a particular country. Telecommunication and transportation have been made convenient than ever due to frequent trade, shipping and airlines services. The special economic zones are having common currency among the countries to make trade easier and time-effective. Eventually, industrialization, open market and joint ventures are reaching to its peak to provide people the best service from anywhere of the world. Tourism in the present era has played a great role in learning others country, culture and tradition. International borders have been crossed and relationships have been built up to show, preserve and enjoy in the historical and recreational places of a country. Globalization has brought people from all over the world closer through online information system about the places of tourism and made the transportation system convenient as well. Tourism eventually is contributing to the rising of the economy of a country. Sports are completely a different issue making people excited, delighted and nationalistic or inter-nationalistic. Time is changing and the value of and costs behind are also changing. Players are being hired for a big amount of money and it is causing them be celebrities. Games are being broadcasted either as live or as highlights on the television screen. International matches are also being held in many countries which has made possible players from other countries visit to a certain geographical area. In the socio-cultural frame, Globalization has several aspects to be focused on. International tourism indeed plays a vital role in enriching socio-cultural knowledge and competency. In addition, tourism needs money to be spent and providing better services to the tourists. Thus, developed countries mainly from United States, foods, beverages and groceries are taking place in every country though the process of Americanization. This is one of the negative effects of globalization that a particular country’s cultural foods and heritage are not being prioritized and losing to American foods. Besides that, globalization has some advantages. Being a multilingual or getting married with an international are only possible when interest on other countries or meeting with a person from those countries happen. Moreover, migration of people has also increased. Scholarships are being provided to students from different countries to attract them to study in a particular cultural region. Thus the chance of getting mixed with another culture and tradition is increasing than any other time in the past.

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