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Coming to the XX and XXI centuries the pace of the Globalization in the life of human beings increased beyond our wildest expectations and became one of the current phenomena that have been driving the world towards the changes, both positive and negative. But we can see from the history that globalization started a long ago in the same time with the trade development while people were trading through shipping and roads by camels and horses. The Great Silk Road played extremely beneficial role to develop trade in Central Asia, Persia, Europe and etc.  Also, the traders provided the exchange of goods, language, and traditions among different cultures. Because the trade was not as fast as it is now. The delivery took quite long time and the traders had to cross many countries from Asia to Europe. On their way they have met many people and shared their stories, experiences. Local people benefited from them by learning their language, traditions and current issues in other countries. It can be seen clearly from the illustration given that the Globalization is not a recent phenomenon, but its speed increased and concept became broader among people.

Teacher stated the word about Karavan, but it seems many students are not aware of the meaning of it. I have learned from the history and my grandfather that in ancient times traders went from one country to another one through camels and they called the group of them, camels,traders, goods and all of them in one “Karavan”. And the place they stay and trade was called Karavansaray. This concepts were used in the Great Silk Road which was the way connects countries in a view of trade.

As for me today`s world, people are coming across high level of globalization. It just takes some hours to go to another hemisphere of the Earth; you simply can see pizza in your table within 10-20 minutes after you order and just one click in Google would be enough to know about one`s culture and traditions. But in turn there are some questions to answer; is globalization threat to National Cultures, how? It is possible that it has impacts on national culture. The roles of TV, media, internet are huge in it. It is believed that children are growing with the negative impacts of media and internet. They see, watch and repeat what they should not do, what is not appropriate in their ages. They easily download porn videos from the internet and watch them. Subsequently it is causing early marriages; many girls are losing their virginity at the age of 13-14. Children are becoming impolite. Moreover they got the false concept of being independent by doing whatever they like. Also, people especially youngsters are changing the lifestyle and fashion; they prefer western lifestyle and the clothes worn in movies or by artists, singers.  Consequently, the popularity of traditional clothes is disappearing. For example, in my hometown the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, you do not see anybody worn traditional clothes outside. We have traditional clothes for both man and woman, but due to the impact of West and Russia, people do not tend to wear them. Nevertheless, there are some places, countries where people still regulate to their customs and traditions. I can see this in Malaysia. Even though it is the country where there is a flow of tourists and exchange, they still have kept their customs and traditions.

In addition, the changes in culture are not because of the Globalization, it is people`s choices and preferences. Nonetheless, I personally think that despite having high rate of globalization and the influence of other countries or cultures, it depends on the person to preserve the culture and inherit to the next generation. So far I have been to only three countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia. I have met many people, exchanged our views about the culture, but I can say my cultural beliefs did not change and respect towards my culture increased. I feel proud to be Uzbek and having our own culture and traditions.

Apart from this, there was a question about the values of children. I want to say that I would see following five in my children: feeling of responsibility, tolerance and respect for other people, unselfishness, independence, obedience. Here, the question comes to our mind, how the last two independence and obedience can come together in one context while they are opposite to each other?

As for me the independence means a lot of concepts, being independent in decision making, finding your own way in the life, finding your place in society, when you are in trouble or dilemma deciding for the right one, being independent from someone, family, friends and etc. But there are some cases which should be discussed with family and closes, independence does not mean you decide whatever you like, everything should be discussed among family members. Also, children tend to go out a lot rather than staying at home, wherever he or she goes he or she should ask his or her parents whether to go or not, otherwise parents will worry about their children. Therefore, both values should be in children.

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